Danilo and Sharon


By creating wedding images that provoke convention, Danilo and Sharon [est. 2013] became a recognized brand, known for it’s defined aesthetic approach and bespoke photography and videography services.

Heavily influenced by eastern European heritage and previous fashion and advertising work, Danilo and Sharon nourished a photographic style that seduces modern brides worldwide. Majority of the wedding and portrait work is inspired by the location and subjects themselves while keeping signature author aesthetics.

Working internationally, Danilo and Sharon photographed weddings and portraits around the world, from the busy streets of Hong Kong to historic Paris. The studio is currently based in Europe, between Stockholm and Belgrade, and led by wife and husband – Sharon and Danilo Vasic.

Defining themselves as a family of artists, Sharon and Danilo work together on every project, often taking their 4-year-old boy on board.

Ever curious about the unknown and always in seek of better.

Roberto Panciatici


Movement and personal connections define Italian photographer Roberto Panciatici’s work, as evidenced by his intimate, close-up portraits and candid, unstaged frames. For him, a delicate touch or a truthful, simple moment speaks volumes. When it comes to style, Rob says he doesn’t follow any parameters, and specific trends or lighting techniques don’t shape his vision, he loves to change, not only in his life through pain and believing, but in his photography as well. The thing he has always cared deeply about is the mood, not the aesthetic. This is why Rob’s vision is a soft touch, and it’s deeply connected to the smallest feelings he’s always looking for.

Laurence Revol


After 6 years as Art Director in an advertising agency, the camera appeared in her life by chance. Her past as Graphic Designer has always influenced the composition of her images.

A great obsession with lines, symmetry, movement, contrasting meteos and faces swallowed by shadows sneaking into a skylight of light. Be careful, the velvet sofas with fringes and the 80' bathrooms with carpet, bathtub and blue/pink bidet can put her in a trance.

Petar Jurica


Petar Jurica masters as no one else not only the understanding of light in his photography, but also a fascinating virtue of documenting stories in an elegant, sensitive and evocative way.
His exquisite work has led him to document weddings all over the world and no one better than him can tell us the secrets to succeed.

Bring Me Somewhere Nice


Obsessed with light, lines, elegance and emotions, Dani Rodriguez the photographer behind Bring Me Somehwhere Nice emerged in the scene a couple of years ago with a very personal voice.
His work is inspired by cinematography, the black&white street photography from last century, Film Noir and the Renaissance painting.
His images speak for themselves and convey a fresh and different vision in the industry.