Speakers 2022

Bring Me Somewhere Nice


Based in Berlin, but shooting worldwide, Dani’s cinematic captures are design and detail-focused yet emanate truthful, palpable emotion.
For culture and design lovers who embrace the creative and the soulful in every aspect of their lives. Those who love artful, atmospheric photography will adore Dani’s aesthetic.

Ginger's Eyes (ohh,ginger)


If I am to name just one thing that has helped me the most to become an internationally published, award-winning photographer, mentor and successful business owner - it is being human.
A good one that listens and observes.
One who is caring, empathic, and understanding.
One who creates a safe space for you to feel the most like yourself.
One who falls and learns and strives to become better with each new day, and every new encounter.

Francesca Angrisano


I love to shoot weddings because in them I find every kind of photography: portraits, fashion, landscape, still life, reportage and especially because I can capture the real emotions of the couples in a very special moment of their life. I like doing it in my way, looking for the unreal, the indefinite, the poetry of colors and the magic of black and white.

Monika Frias (Latxina)


I get to fall in love with amazing people and their stories doing my job. I try to make their memories the incredible way they felt in person.
I get to work with people who share my creative vision. Isn't this a great job to have?